GranTurismoEvents 2020 - King of the Ring - T13 / Hatzenbach

TrackandTuner.com like to take pictures at different corners around the Nordschleife. But with temperatures around C*5 degrees and drizzling, GranTurismoEvents King of the Ring 2020, didn't make it easy for us. 


But we went to a lot of different corners and in this final report we went to Hatzenback and T13. 


Both cornes are relatively easy to visit but have a lot of nice point of views. 


Hatzenback in these wet conditions, it the ultime drifting corner as you can see from the BMW M5 e60 and the all new BMW M5. Which one do you prefer?

The Porsche GT2 RS "Clubsport" is still one of my favorites from this event. It looked great and on the rain tires, it was by far the fastest car from King of the Ring. 


But you don't need to have million EUR car in these conditions. PPG.X had a lot of fun in the Rent4Ring Suzuki Swift, knowing the wet lines and not needing as much power. 


Down below you will find a great battle between two very fast Porsche GT3RS and GT2RS cars on the Nordschleife.


Tell me which car is your favorite in this gallery?

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