The AvD Oldtimer GP 2015: Classic car paddock

TrackandTuner.com found an old album with lots of great pictures from the AvD oldtimer GP back in 2015.


Back when the Oldtimer GP attracted over 100.000 people during the weekend and were there was a great ambience in the paddock.


So lets walk around the paddock and see what great cars we can find. 


Some cars we have seen for many years like the, not so nicely tuned, Lamborghini LP640 which seems to still be popping up like at the Motorshow essen in 2019. 

Other cars have been sold and never seen again like the Ferrari 512BB, the Porsche RSR and the BMW M1 Procar in gold, red and white. 

We also created some long term friendships like the with AH Racing, MK Motorsport or Heup Motorsport all racing their great BMW M1 Procars. 


Also something that hasn't changed is the mega Porsche paddock they set up every year. 


Just walking around the Paddock and looking at parking lots around the Nordschleife shows some of the best classic cars. 

As you can see, just a walk around of cars resulted in seeing an orange BMW M5 e60, a Ferrari LaFerrari, F40 and even the ultra rare Ferrari 250 GTO Breadvan. 


Lets hope we can experience the great ambiance soon again. 


Just listen to this Ferrari 250 GTO onboard for now though.

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