The Nordschleife back in 2016 revisited

TrackandTuner.com opened up a folder with some nice cars at the Nordschleife photographed at a Trackdays.de event back in 2016.


We thought it was worth a new edit and article, just look at the cars like the very rare Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition. The spec on this car, with the yellow accents and the red, purple and carbon interior make this article worth it all by itself.


I am very happy to have such a big archive of great photo's as it bring back great memories and stories. Some better then others like the red BMW M3 e92, which I remember should become a Twin Turbo Nordschleife tool, but unfortunately never made it to that stage. 

In 2016 we brought a friends BMW M3 e46 convertible with us. With a great spec and many many carbon fiber parts.


It looked great between the supercars. If you look back at your car, you know its a keeper. 


Another very rare car is the Isdera. A very rare and funny car company which you can read more about here.


Enjoy the video down below of the orange BMW M5 e60 with eisenmann race exhaust around the Nordschleife letting us  enjoy the mighty V10. 

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