The great cars of the AvD Oldtimer GP 2016 paddock

Every year TrackandTuner.com visits the AvD Oldtimer GP.  Lots of great classic cars but also 50.000 people bringing their toys to the Nurburgring. 


Back in 2016 when we still had lots of people during events, the AvD Oldtimer GP attracts the best of the best cars, from classics to Hypercars. 


You all know I love the BMW M3 e30 and in these DTM specs there are the top. 


Grabbing a bite to eat means walking around the paddock and seeing cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Mercedes G 6x6, lots of Ferrari's and a very bold red Porsche 918 spyder. 

In the paddock, they also have the Ferrari, Alfa and Porsche clubs. 


Some of my favorites are the Alfa Romeo 8C, the massive line up of GT3RS cars and the Renault Alpines. Its hard to describe but the Renault Turbo and that era of cars must be one of my favorites.


Back on the road we made some lovely photos of the BMW M3 e46 and the M3 F80. 


Riding back to the Nordschleife entry we saw hypercars like the Aventador SV and the LaFerrari.


As you can see the AvD Oldtimer has everything, youngtimers, classics and Hypercars.


What is your favorite.

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