Trackdays.de: Porsche GT2RS vs 488 Pista?

TrackandTuner.com visited another great Trackdays.de event at the Nordschleife.


We arrived early on a gloomy Friday morning at the Nordschleife. We were greeted by this gorgeous matt black Ferrari 812 Superfast. I think that was what you call a good start of the day.


After our registration at the "outside office" we were ready to go on track. But first as always lets take a look around the paddock, what cars are present.

As always lots of great Porsches like the GT2 RS by Manthey Racing, but also a very nice grey Ferrari 488 pista. Another car that grabbed my attention was the BMW M2 with a strange wing on the back. More on that later.


Since it was still dry, I went trackside right away. First visit the now called "Sabine Schmitz" corner, a lovely tribute to the queen of the ring.


Looking at the cars coming straight at the lens, I still love the Dodge Viper ACR and the M3 e46's the most. Bit strange right? But from the front the aggressive looks still grab my attention.


What's your favorite from this gallery?

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