Trackdays.de: Wet or dry always a good time

TrackandTuner.com visited another great trackdays.de event on the Nordschleife.


With some great cars around in the parking lot, and still some dry weather I went to the corners to shoot some actions shots of the cars on track. 


First corner was the "Sabine Schmitz" corner and after that I went to T13. With the conditions being tricky, these corners are very slippery. 

Some unusual trackday cars on the Nordschleife, like the two Dodge Challengers. Kudo's for the owners for taking these big American Muscle cars on the Nordschleife. 


I must say, that from the front the new BMW M3 grills make the car look very aggressive. 


What car would you take to have fun on the Nordschleife? Not the fastest but the most fun car?

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