Green Hell Driving Days 2021: Final action shots of the season

TrackandTuner.com visited the Green Hell Driving days 2021.


You have already seen, day 1 and a very cold and early morning. 


However as you can see we had clear skies and beautiful condition for the last Touristfahren day at the Nordschleife.


Some great regulars and news cars attending the parking lot. We love the BMW V8 e39 swapped Diebels Alt M3 e30, which is very fast on track. 


We also had a lot of Nissan GTR cars out and about. Most of them spitting some big flames. 

After that we went to the famous Brunchen corner. 


As you can see it was BUSY! First time in 2021 that I have seen such an amount of people and cars again. Seems like the good old times. 


We walked towards Wipperman for some filming and photos. As you can see in the video and photo's below, also on track it was very very busy. 


We have seen more than 350 cars on track according to the big screens at the entrance. After some closures, it was time for action. 


Lots of cool cars, but man those BMW e36'ers were flying. 


Which car is your favorite?


The season has ended for us, but we can't wait to return back again. Hopefully sooner than in 2020 and 2021. I wish all my friends, favorite restaurants  and all the incredible people and healthy and safe winter!


Till next year, with our BMW M3 ringtool back on track again!

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