Ferrari Racing Days 2021: Wet race at the Nurburgring

TrackandTuner.com visited the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nurburgring. 


As you know we have been big fans of the Corse Clienti and visited this great event many times. 


So if we combine the Nurburgring with Corsi Clienti, you are sure that TrackandTuner.com will be there even in these awful conditions.


It was a weekend with rain, but also a weekend back after 2 years seeing these legendary V12 cars. 


Unfortunately many owners decided not to travel, due to all the restrictions. But we still had a great field with different Ferrari LaFerrari FXXK cars. 

As you see only one (Dutch) 599XX joined the party. But this car is a very important car in the history of the Nordschleife. 


Back in the days it set a new Nordschleife record, just below 7 min BTG. That is why this car can't be upgraded. The owner is not allowed to change anything or to fit the newer EVO packages. 


Now you can drive under 7 min BTG  with your street legal Porsche GT3. Funny to see how fast these cars have evolved and how much improvements have been made. 


The Ferrari Enzo FXXK or the newer model LaFerrari FXXK or 499XX (Evo) have never been about chasing laptimes. They are all about getting the clients the best driving experience. They are a handful to drive on the limit, but can also be enjoyed at any level. 


Even in these rain condition, you put on rain tires and traction control on the highest level and you can experience a safe, racing experience. 


The 488 Challenge class is always close fighting with all the same cars, it really depends on the driver, especially in these conditions. 


The spray behind these cars is awesome to see and makes for some nice photos. Enjoy and check the video for the best V12 sounds. 

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