Ferrari Racing Days 2021: Wet, very Wet Ferrari's

TrackandTuner.com visited the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nurburgring.


It was wet, very very wet. It rained the entire weekend, but we had a 1 hour dry part of the day, of which the Ferrari FXXK took full advantage. With a returning dry line, they fitted the slick tires and went for it.


We used this opportunity to shoot some fast photos around some different corners. I really like the photo's up close and personal.


I got almost touch them and the sound flying by was superb. Be sure to check out the video down below.


Just after the finish flag, the clouds turned grey again and the rain continued. 


Two years ago the paddock was filled with great Ferrari Street cars, this time only 1 Ferrari Challenge Stradale and a very colourfull Audi RSQ8. 


Two days of driving with the 488 Challenge cup and the Ferrari XX programme. Unfortunately no F1 clienti this time, as only one owner brought his F1 car from Kimi Räikkönen to the Nurburgring. But due to the weather decided not to drive. 


Don't forget these F1 cars are still incredibly difficult to drive.


Rain or no rain, I decided to shoot some last photos along the track and to be honest photos in the rain always look great. 


Let me know what your favorite photo is?

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