Ferrari Racing Days Nurburgring 2019 – Ferrari Madness

TrackandTuner.com visited the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nurburgring. We take a look at the Ferrari 488 Challenge Cup, the Ferrari F1 cars, the Ferrari XX programme and much more.


We have already explained what the Ferrari Corse Clienti/ XX programme beholds. If not, please check it out for some of the best cars in the world.



I mean what is better than a V12 Ferrari engine! With cars like the Ferrari FXXK, the 599XX Evo and FXX what is better? Maybe an F1 car?!

These cars are prototypes for parts and developments which will find their way to road going Ferrari’s. Some parts where the carbon brakes, the Hybrid systems and many of the aero parts. The new FXXK Evo package, has a lot more aero parts, making the cars more stable at high speed and even better to drive.


The Hybrid system in the FXXK gives you a real punch in the back, coming out of the corners with so much power. When driving the car, you can only step out the car or touch the car, when the light turns green, otherwise the car could shocking you not only in sound.



Another activity during the Ferrari Racing days, where the Ferrari 488 Challenge races. With around 30-40 cars racing, these Challenge cups are great to look at and they take a serious beating each race. 

For me it was also the first time to see the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. It takes Ferrari to the next century, it looks really modern and futuristic and with the new Hybrid technology, it has a 1000HP and ready to give the competition a real run for their money.


It was no surprise that the owners brought some of their lovely road cars, enough Ferrari madness for the weekend.



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