Essen Motorshow 2021: Back to Supercars, classic cars and Tuner cars

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2021. Finally after a year of Corona, back to great cars, classics, and lots of tuner cars. Check out the first part with all the supercars, classic cars and American cars for sale.


A staple on our calendar is the Essen Motorshow. Unfortunately last year due to Corona, we couldn't see any cars at Essen.


I am glad that we visited this year to see some great cars.


Yes, it was a bit smaller than normal, but after a hectic year this was a nice event.

The first expo is always filled with great supercars and classic cars. This year on display was a great Ford show, with the old Ford GT, the later Ford GT40 and the lastest and new Ford GT.


For me they all are great, including the new one. But I seem to love the capri or escort by Zakspeed more.


It is always interesting to see what the prices are doing. Seems like they have been pretty stable with the BMW Z8 still around EUR 250K. But the more affordable cars, like the Abarth, the escort and the e30's seem to get even more expensive.


Which car would you buy as an investment?

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