Essen Motorshow 2021: Tuners or Low & Slow?

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2021. 


Our last and final event of the year. Back to supercars, tuners and show cars. Which one is your favorite?


You know I don't like the low and slow, but the craftmanship is very high. 


In the second expo we first saw 5 monster Nissan GTR's and some very rare racing cars.


Highlight for me was the Wiesmann in matte white. Such a great color and combo with the V10!

Below we first start with 2 great BMW tuner cars. the BMW 340 touring and the M3 e30 look great, are not too low and are fully road legal.


Then we see the show cars. Low and slow maybe?


However the craftmanship is incredible, the BMW M3 e30 in red was fully resprayed and had a nuts and bolts restauration. The others are not really my taste but a 1000HP GT3RS on bags might me utterly madness?


So what are you, show or go?

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