WeDRIVE: 800+HP BMW M5 vs BMW M3 e30 DTM - David vs Goliath

Trackandtuner had a photoshoot with the new massive BMW M5. This car is MEGA, and has MEGA power with 800+HP.


Just look at the small BMW M3 e30 DTM next to it.


First we needed to pick up the BMW M5 at the Lidner Congress Hotel. The rear wheel steering makes it easier to get out of the parking. First stop dropping off some stuff at Manthey-racing, with always great cars in the parking lot. 


After that back to our photoshoot. We used the BMW X5 for some rolling shots like we did earlier. 


The new BMW M5 is massive but looks better, more agile and smaller than the previous BMW M5 F10.

This particular BMW M5 has a full Akrapovic with OPF filters and some ECU tuning, making over 800HP. The owner loves using this car as the ultimate Autobahn cruiser reaching speeds over 340 pk/h. With this gearing and a bit more power, who knows whats possible?


What a difference with the tiny BMW M3 e30 DTM. This car has around 250HP but weights half of the BMW M5. It is like David vs. Goliath, however the mighty M5 wins every race. Not only to this classic BMW M3 e30 but also with all its competitors like the Audi RS6, Mercedes C63 AMG and even the Porsche Granturismo. 


However what car would you take, the BMW M5 or the classic BMW M3 e30?

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