Project Cars: Design Our BMW e30 M50 Turbo from Latvia

TrackandTuner.com bought a BMW e30 M50 Turbo!


Great news and YOU can help us design it!


We are looking for livery's, colors, interiors, wheels, exhaust set up and everything you can think of.


You CREATE it, we MAKE it!

Some background on the car.


We bought this BMW e30 all the way from Latvia. It is now registered on NL plates with its M50 engine.


The car is a 4-door saloon, with a stock interior. Swapped is the BMW 6-cylinder M50 engine, fitted with a Chinese Turbo. 

It also has upgraded cooling, upgraded brakes, fuel pumps, VEMS ECU, upgraded clutch and BC suspension.


This car will be our fun car, as we have too many "perfect" cars. 


But TrackandTuner.com will upgrade and but some shine on this car. 



  1. Full engine rebuild: meaning new turbo, set up, pistons, full check up by Tim Turbo's Centrum if he finally has some time ;)
  2. New Wheels, these white ones have to go. Think about greyish 
  3. New interior? Black or Red, Stock or racing? 
  4. New exhaust set up. From the Turbo out of the side fenders, or DailyDrivenExotics style out of the bonnet?
  5. New wrap, looking for racing livery's, Gold and black, Bastos, or something else?

The best thing is, YOU Decide!


Send in your idea's, design and your name will be on the car  "Designed by" ................, win a goody pack or shop credit and of course lifetime bonus points. 


Contact us and let us know what we should do:

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