Project Cars: BMW M3 e36 GT S54 TURBO 950HP

TrackandTuner.com loves BMW M cars. We also love doing very different things like building a BMW e30 S54, putting ceramic brakes under a BMW X5 or rebuilding our BMW M3 e46 tracktool.


Something was missing. A BMW M3 e36. 


But not just some BMW M3 e36, the most crazy and gorgeous M3 e36 we know. We had a lot of chats with team Buldre Racing about Turbo cars. After our experience in their BMW M3 e30 2JZ car, we mentioned we would love a Turbo car. One of their members had this BMW M3 e36 for sale.


As a base it was an original BMW m3 e36, completely taken apart and resprayed in British Racing Green. Full GT package with all OEM parts. Every single panel in carbon fiber and a full roll cage and Sparco seats. 


Oh and the engine? A fully forged Turbocharged BMW M3 e36 S54 engine, paired with the Manual M3 e46 gearbox. You can see the spec list below. 


After negotiations and some long photo stories, the car was picked up in Sweden and delivered to our place. Unfortunately during the transport, the car was driven on and off multiple times with the truck driver damaging the GT splitter. 


After a full inspection upon delivery, the front bumper and the GT splitter was completely cracked and twisted. They also damaged the bonnet, by slamming it to hard down on the Turbo.


So  what started as turnkey car, was now again a project car.

Time to do our TrackandTuner.com overhaul. First we needed to repaint more than just the bonnet and front bumper, since they couldn't get the color right. I think we send the car back 4 times to the spray booth to match and make the car perfect again. 


We also made it road legal with windscreen wipers, washers, rear lights etc. 


We changed the rear lights from smoke to the OEM ones, fitted new brake pads and a lot, a lot, of small pieces to make the car perfect again.


After that we finished the car, it was time to inspect the car for TUV approval and street plates. After a careful inspection, since the inspector noticed this was a seriously build car, we were granted street plates! 

So after a lot of small pieces which took a lot of time, the car is now fully road legal and ready to go.


Our first drives in this car are insane. The car has 3 levels of boost and the car is capable of 854whp = 950HP on map 3. 


You can image that putting it down on the street is impossible. Setting "elevens" for miles. 


This car is the first car which really scares me. When the boost comes in, the car takes off and the sounds are madness. The car is fully empty so you hear every rock, gearshift and engine sound. From the outside it isn't the loudest cars, but inside, it might very well be the loudest car in the fleet. 


The car is road legal, and fully capable, but I think I am just going to admire it and take it out for some fun in good weather. And maybe, maybe a trackday or the Nordschleife???


Stay tuned!


Don't forget to check out the video down below to hear and see this beast in action!

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