WeDRIVE: In Ferrari 458 Speciale through the Black Forest

TrackandTuner.com had the great experience to explore the gorgeous Black Forest Area in A Ferrari 458 Speciale and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3.


You have already seen the comparison between these two lightweight special edition cars here. Boths very simular but both very different. The Aston is more old skool, with the 7-speed manual and its V12 engine. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is miles ahead in technology, sounds and agility. 


But both are gorgeous and are great to explore the beautiful Black Forest area.


TrackandTuner.com is a regular guest at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The Eifel region is gorgeous, but it is still a rather underdeveloped and economic weak area. Many houses and gardens are in decay or abounded for years.


The Black forest is way different. This region is economically a lot richer and you can see that. The houses, the gardens, the infrastructure all is clean and neatly organised. Big companies like BBS wheels are from this area and still here.

The old villages are fully renovated and really have a bit of Austria to them.


We are also a lot higher than the Eifel. Exploring these mountains in the Ferrari 458 Speciale is a lot of fun. We live below sea-level so getting into these mountain roads in such a great experience. Some open long roads are gorgeous.


The Agile Ferrari 458 speciale is the perfect car to drive through these incredible valleys.


Below you see some great pictures of the scenery, and a gorgeous walk along the forest roads. 


What is your favorite driving road?

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