Day1 World of Cars: Action On Track Part 2

TrackandTuner.com visited Day1 World of Cars. This is part two of all the action on track. Action shots during the hot laps, and many dragraces. Check it out.


First you saw all the cars in the paddock.


Then you saw part one of all the action shots.


However, after that it was time for dragraces.


I promised that it wasn't your Porsche or Nissan GTR who won. The BMW M5 was one of the best dragracers. He lost in the final against a 700HP BMW 340i by Pure turbos. 

After that it was time to line up all the cars for the Parade and some more trackday laps. 


Time for @DutchPerformante to give some gas on track. Lovely combo with the bronze and black wheels. 


We were also joined by other great cars like the Porsche Turbo S, Ferrari FF, Nissan GTR and many more.


After that short stint, it was time for the Hypercar parade and display.


As you can see, so many great cars where ready. My favorites are still the purple and red Ferrari Novitec cars. The sounds and looks with the widebody and full Novitec Exhaust system are awesome. 


Which one is your favorite photo out of this gallery? 

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