Day1 World of Cars: Action On Track

TrackandTuner.com visited Day1 World of Cars. A great event filled with the best supercars, hypercars and showcars. 


But we at www.trackandtuner.com, don't like all show, no go. So time to put some of these cars on track for some action.


Action it was, as the KTM X-Bow spun and hit the barrier in the first lap. Typical error since the tires are cold, also happened to this same car the Nordschleife


The damage was minor and with some duct tape, ready to go again!


Other fast cars did some laps like the BMW M2 competition, the classic Porsche 911 GT2 and Ferrari 512BB.


One of the fastest cars was certainly the blue Porsche 991 Turbo S by Techart, while it flew over the main straight, the green Techart missed the corner and had to go via the gravel. 


After the tracktime it was time for dragraces. 


Bikes and cars lined up to see who has the fastest sprint car. I must say we are all expecting the Nissan GTR to win, but the big 4x4 saloon cars have so much power and perfect Launch Control.

The 900HP Brabus and the 7000HP BMW M5 dominated the field. Just behind where the very fast Audi RS6 saloon cars. It is very impressive to see how good the launch control is on these cars.


To be honest, the Nissan GTR now shows it age, while others have updated, the Nissan falls behind.


But the winner of the dragraces was very unexpected. What car do you think was the fastest? 

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