Nordschleife Trip: Eastern Weekend 2022

TrackandTuner.com returned to the Nordschleife, during the busy Eastern Weekend.


You could already have seen a great selection of cars, during the days after CarFreitag. 


In this article even more great cars, but especially more great colors. 


Back in the days, all cars where Black or Grey. Now they are all special painted or wrapped. Colors like Verde Green, Dark Blue, Yas Marina Blue, Audi Yellow, Ferrari Red, or a Green Porsche GT3 RS all look great. 


We spotted @Shmee150 his new Ferrari F8 Tributo. I really like his Blue color, and I know with 1000HP this car is crazy fast. But on the looks, it doesn't win me over yet. I like the Ferrari 488 Pista more. 

The UK brought some great cars back to the Nordschleife, were Gas prices have also been rising fast as you can see at the Aral Gas station in Adenau. 


During the weekend it was very very busy on track. I have seen over 380 cars on track on the monitors, which I have never seen. The full main straight traffic jams with 4-5 lanes, wowzers. 

However Sunday and Monday, most of the people were gone, and we had some gorgeous days left with many (but not too many) cars. 


Good to be back and see @ppg.x again with his massive BMW M5. This car is seriously fast and with 4 wheel drive, it can do some crazy laps also with 4 people in it :). 


You know I love my BMW M3 e46. This Green one with the parts from Karbonius came all the way from Spain. I have been following this guy on instagram, so great to see the car on the Nordschleife. 

If you are reading this, keep it up and great car! 


Another great green car was the brand new Porsche 991 GT3, thanks for the ride Kaz! 


It is always nice to see new idea's and modifications others have made to their cars. As you know Manthey is the Porsche tuner for the Nordschleife. But seeing the yellow and green Porsche GT3 behind each other. You can see the full MR package compared to "only" some parts.


The difference is mostly aero and the Magnesium wheels that give it away. 


Lots of great cars and lots of great colors. 


It was fun to be back again, and we will be back sooner than later. 

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