Nordschleife Trip: The Day after Carfreitag

TrackandTuner.com went back to the Nordschleife, for the unofficial opening of 2022.


Normally this is celebrated with CarFreitag. A crazy day with many traffic jams, crazy spectators and lots and lots of cars on and around the Nordschleife. This year after 2 years it was back and bigger than ever?


Since 2019, we now know that we don't want to visit on Carfreitag. Its great to sit along the track and see all the madness. But when you have a car and need to ride to the gas-station it will take you 2 hours.


Therefore we arrived the "Day After", during the Eastern Weekend.


It was still very busy especially on the Saturday, but we didn't mind as the area was again full of great cars, people and fast drivers. 


A first look was @TheSatincrew with their Lamborghini Huracan STO and the Mclaren. But in the background I spotted a Porsche Carrera GT, which to me trumps all these cars. 

The parking lot was filled again with great BMW M3's. Lots of fast and very good builds, from the guys at 247 Performance, Team Schirmer or Alpina Carrosserie. 

Also the new Ferrari F8 Tributo and many many more great cars like the red Nissan GTR! 


Like always many BMW's and Porsches are the Kings of Ring. 


I like to wake up early and during the first hours of the day, see the cars in all their glory and without too many people. Great to see the guys back from the UK bring all the generations of BMW's.


The M3 e36, e46, e92 and F80's and more. 


I also couldn't resist taken some shots of the Trailers King, the BMW X5 with the famous Nordschleife castle in the background. 


After that back to the ED gas station to spot two very limited cars. The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and a Porsche 911R. 


Which one would you take? 

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