WeDrive: BMW X5 Vacation Trip - Swiss Alps, Italy

Trackandtuner.com went on a vacation, like all people we sometimes need to relax. 


Normally our vacation is situated around a trackday, event or track in a great holiday area. 


This year we decided to fully relax and take the BMW X5 for a 4200km trip from the Netherlands, via Germany, to Switzerland and Italy. 


The BMW X5 normally has its 22inch Hamann Wheels, but for this trip it made more sense to fit the OEM wheels fitted with runflat tires in case of a puncture. 

Also, we remember the Italian roads and we don't want to scrap our wheels. 

We started with our trip towards Switzerland. 


A beautiful country, but know for the extreme fines and extremely high prices (for everything; food, clothing; roadspasses). 


The roads are amazing, just like the views in the mountains. However you do always keep in mind the penalties so after 2 days we left towards Italy.


We passed by Pisa, which is a very very touristy village, but when passing by we had to look at the slant Pisa tower. In real life it is a lot more pronounced. 


When in Italy, you almost always see a new Ferrari. We saw this Ferrari 296 GTB spider still in camouflage. 


Italy is a lot more "friendly" for speeding but the small villages or cities are crazy to drive in. Indicators don't exists, instead you use the horn on the steering wheel and do whatever you want, and make some Italian gestures. Gotta love the Italians :) 


After our trip we relaxed around lake Como, beautiful but I don't recommend driving a BMW X5 around. It's just too big in these narrow roads. Instead do what we did, rent a boat and explore the lake. 


We had to leave Italy, the great food, people and of course the Gelato!


What is your best trip with your car? Let us know since we want to explore more countries.

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