Project Cars: BMW M3 e36 S54 Turbo got NEW Wheels

Last year we bought a BMW M3 e36 S54 GT fitted with a turbo with almost 1000HP, all the way from Sweden. 


The car is madness, complete madness. 


No grip even in 4th gear, massive power, sounds and hold on to your seats feelings.

The Car was fitted with 19 inch BBS LM wheels and some bad tires. Great for drifting and burnouts, but the traction was none. 


You can't expect a big difference with almost 1000HP on the rear wheels, but I decided to complete the British Racing Green look with Bronze Wheels.


I think this is a classic combination, inspired from the VOLK and RAYS Wheels. 


These are 18 inch wheels now fitted with some semi slick tires. Traction has improved but I also love how it looks.


What do you prefer the old or the new set up? 


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