Classic GP 2022: Best of on track Action Part 2- BMW, Ford RS, Ferrari

TrackandTuner.com visited the Classic GP at the Nurburgring.


Like you know, we love classic cars. So this mini-Oldtimer GP is always on our agenda. 


You have also seen the paddock and part one of our action shots.


This is our last part filled with even more great cars. We even saw the new Ferrari SF90 flying by on track.


Later that day, a very different class was on track. Everything from a Chevy Camaro, BMW 2002ti and the big Porsches on track, was great fun. 


The difference between all this cars is so big. You can see the power from the V8, but the agile cars like the BMW 2002ti, the Ford Zakspeed and the full package from the Porsches.

The style is different, hanging vs flying in the corners. Man I love these small, lightweight cars more and more. 


After that it was back on track with the Legendary tourenwagen cars. 


As always the first corner is tricky for most of them, but some of these BMW M3 e30 DTM cars where flying!


Which one is your favorite?  



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