MsC Osnabruck 2022: Hillclimb at its best

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2022 MsC Osnabruck Hillclimb. Last year was our first time at a Hillclimb and we absolutely loved it.


We loved the diversity of all the cars. We see big turbo cars going uphill but also N/A 4 cilinder engines revving the nuts of them, we just loved it. So time to come back and check out this years line up.


Again everything is racing, from the legendary BMW M3 e30 DTM, to the small and very fast Opel Kadet, VW Golf GTI to a Ferrari 488 Challenge.


Of course our friends of team Buldre racing where also present with the famous BMW M3 e30 2JZ 1500HP and the 950HP BMW M5 e34.



 I just have a weak spot for cars like the BMW 2002ti, sirocco, Golf GTI, Ford Escort etc. 


All these small very lightweight cars revving to 8000RPM or even more are soo fast. Some of them rev over 10K and have 300HP, only weighing about 900KG so there are flying uphill.


In the contrary we also have some big power cars, like the Mercedes AMG GTR, Dodge Viper V10, Porsche GT3 and other Turbo monsters.

After Qualifying to see who was the fastest on day one, Vidar from Buldre racing always shows the fans a good time with a full send drifting lap.


Check out all the great BMW sounds in the video below and let me know which one is your favorite? 

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