Best of Bimmerworld, Deutsche Autofestival 2022 at Assen

TrackandTuner.com visited Bimmerworld 2022 at Assen Circuit. 


Organised by 402Automotive, Bimmerworld together with Deutsche Autofestival showed some of the best German cars from Europe at Assen Circuit.


You know we are a big fan of BMW's, like Bimmerfest, Bimmerworld shows of some of the best examples and some rather dubious tuned cars ;)


Below you find some that stood out as us. What to think about a 2JZ BMW e36, a white on white BMW M2, a very nice purple BMW M8 and many more.


We also made some action shot of the tracktime session at Assen circuit. 

We also saw some big Mercedes cars arriving, like the Brabus G63 AMG, the 4x4 and the 6x6. However the Brabus 6x6 is not real! We found out that is has a truck trailer chassis instead of the expensive Ohlins and it had no Brabus carbon fiber fenders? Still a great car, but not the real deal.


Like Supercar Madness, we had some tracktime sessions and some dragraces. 


Dragraces are always fun to see, because these days a BMW 340i, Golf GTI or even a diesel Seat are fast than most RWD cars. It al depends on 4wheel drive and a DCT or DSG/automatic gearbox.

I am more a fan of the gorgeous fully OEM BMW M5 e34 with a manual gearbox.


However I believe the winner was the Mega 800++ HP Yellow Brabus Mercedes, with second place going to the Audi RS6.


Lots of people dropping in a lot of work on  cars like the Golf GTI, BMW e30, Seat Cupra, and the Audi RS6 or whatever car you do this to, we appreciate it!


What is your favorite car of the gallery?


We had a great sunny day and saw some great cars.


Check out the cars leaving this event, the video's are worth the time!

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