Hart Voor Auto's - BMW M3, JDM, S2000, Nissan GTR, F12, BAC Mono

TrackandTuner.com visited Hart voor Auto's, a meeting at the Airport Breda. You can see part one here.


Organised by 402Automotive, a lot of diversity and great cars attended. 


There was a show and shine, dragraces, burnouts, revv battles and many more. 


It was the first time I saw the only BAC Mono in the Netherlands. It looks so cool on the road.


We also had some great American Muscle cars with big big power! These cars are underrated, not as popular but they are great but too pricey in the Netherlands. 


Lots of "Social Media" cars where present like Automatties, the 2000HP Nissan GTR, The AMG GT-R "Beast" and many more.


Got to love the license plates in Belgium with all these great names!


Lots to see and hear, like the Mega Power VW van with a TV and more sound than a small festival. 


Again I always love the diversity during these meetings so check out all the cars and let me know which one is your favorite? 

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