Essen Motorshow 2022: High End Performance


Trackandtuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2022 by the end of December. 



This is the last part.


Check out the best tuners cars and Hypercars in Part one and two!


This part is filled with the best tuner companies showing off their show cars. Like Prior Design, KW-suspension, Gpower / Infinitas, Brabus, Edo-Competion and many more. 


Prior design had some bangers on their stand, a voodoo blue Audi, and a sparkling McLaren, next to a lime green Porsche where definitely winners. 


I also loved the Ferrari 355 next to the R34 Skyline. 


A bit of a disappointment to me is the new BMW M4 CSL. Yes it looked great but in the previous article you could see that some tuner BMW M3 or BMW M4's to me have a lot more to offer, for 1/2 the price. 


BMW had a full M performance stand at this years Show. They showed of the new BMW M3 Touring and the BMW M2.


The M3 Touring will be a straight hit! The car looks incredible has great stance and being a touring it is more rare than its other brothers. The new BMW M2 is a bit a stranger car. The previous BMW M2 was such a great looking car that I feel this car just doesn't feel right. It is very hard around the edges and the exhaust and overall look isn't 100% for me.


But as always most BMW age prettier and I think the BMW M2 will see the same future. 


BBS showed off their new (old-skool) wheels which always look great. Manhart had a very nice looking BMW M4 CSL already tuned and Recaro showed some of their latest bucket seats.

I love them all, too bad they are so freaking expensive. 


Great way to end the Essen Motorshow.


What is your favorite car?

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