WeDrive: Legends from the Middle East

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nurburgring Nordschleife during a very busy weekend. 


During one weekend we will be reporting the following events:

During our first days we visited found 4 legendary cars from far, far away. 


After I saw them on the road, I was shocked these cars where here. I then found them all together. After a small chat we had to do a photoshoot with these cars.


So whats the deal. This group all the way from the Middle-East had shipped over their legendary classic cars for a long roadtrip on and around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. 


Thats cool on itself, however these cars are legends:

  • 2x Honda NSX
  • Nissan GTR R34
  • BMW M3 e46 CSL

Real legends. 

The Thing is, I always thought the classic cars or young-timers in the Middle-East are non-existing. 


When I visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it was all about shiny new supercars and hypercars. 


I am a big classic car fan as you know, seeing these JDM Classics in Europe is already rare.


The Honda NSX has a legendary status with Senna developing these cars and the values of the current editions.


The Nissan GTR R34 needs no introduction, this is my favorite Nissan GTR and in this spec just awesome.


Lastly a great spec BMW M3 e46 CSL in blue, very rare and wonderful. 


Last but not least, all these cars where stock and perfectly kept. 


Rare, ultra rare.


Thanks for the very kind owners for your time and great cars, hope you like the photo's!



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