TF Nordschleife: Casual Sunday - 918 Spyder

TrackandTuner.com visited the Classic GP on the Nurburgring.


During the weekend, the Nordschleife was also open for Touristfahren and we of course went out was was out on track.


During this weekend, more classic cars, like the Ford Capri RS, BMW 2002/1802 and M3 e30's where out and about. A


I love colors and seeing the dark green Porsche 991 GT3 touring was a great choice. However the rarest car on the parking might be the Ford Focus RS500 in matt black. 


As Always, you never know what to expect coming of the Nordschleife.


A big surprise was the Porsche 918 Spyder which looked gorgeous and must be a blast to drive. 


We brought back the BMW M3 F80 on track and off track in the brilliant Nordschleife region, which is always a pleasure. 


What is your favorite car of the gallery? 



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