Essen Motorshow 2023: The classics will never get old

Trackandtuner.com visited Essen Motorshow 2023 last winter. Like always we love the diversity of all the cars, tuning and show cars. 


It took some time to get back to all the photo's but I finally have processed all of them and lets start with Hall number 1.


The classic cars hall is always filled with great classic and cars for sale.


Always interesting to see whats hot and whats not. 



This years the BMW's where very hot.


Lots of BMW e36's cars particular thanks to the BMW e36 club Deutschland.  The BMW m3 e36 GT prices are now at 150.000 euro's.


Also a gorgeous Jagermeister display full of the best orange racing cars. 


I still think the BMW M3 e30 DTM is my favorite, the lines and small dimensions of the cars still remain the best in my eyes.


Which one is your favorite?

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