Essen Motorshow 2023: The show cars, from Rolls to VW and Everything in between (Porsche, Ferrari 812,M3)

Trackandtuner.com visited Essen Motorshow 2023. You have seen our first part, featuring the classic cars.



In this part we take a look at all the crazy tuned and show cars.


From low, to slammed, to performance and even luxury.


As you can see the new BMW M2 and M3 wagon where very popular cars to be tuned. The M2 is already starting to look good in these vibrant colors. 


JP performance had a crazy project with the VW Golf, with the R8 V10 engine in the back, can't wait to see that car finised.


Even to Porsche GT3RS is getting slammed, seems like no purpose for a trackday car, but hey if you can do it why not.


Same with the crazy Motorcycle powered Honda minvan. Love the build on that one.


Some very unique cars, which one is your preference?

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