IAMS 2024: Ferrari in purple or green??!!

Trackandtuner.com visited the IAMS 2024. 


So many incredible cars. Just look at the spec of the Aston martins but man, Hoefnagels brought the best cars of the evening.


Their line up of rare Ferrari's was MEGA.


Just to see 2 Laferrari Aperta's, 812 GTS in Purple or Green, 812 comp, and so many great colors, what a line up, well done. 


Which color is your favorite?

Like always Revwork respresented the Tuning scene and had brought some great cars, which we already seen at Essen Motorshow.


I must say the Volvo Turbo looked CLEAN!


McLaren Twin, famous for collecting Mclaren on Instagram, took collection of their Street Legal McLaren Senna GTR. Great to see and a great addition to the Dutch carpark.


Also some great BMW's like the 1/50 CSL but I rather have the very cool orange S14 swapped BMW 2002. 


In the back of the show the LFA and supercharged Spyker both in White looked great.


Both the LaFerrari and the Mclaren 722S where ready for the carparade. 


Got to love these unique cars and specs. 

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