Essen Motorshow 2023: High Quality Tuning (BMW M2, M3 Wagon, Audi RS6)

Trackandtuner.com visited The Essen Motorshow 2023.


You have already seen part one with the best classic cars and part two with more show cars. 



In this part we take a look at the high end quality tuning brands and cars on display.


Lots of Sexy BMW M2 and M3s on display. Maxton presented their spoilers with integrated brake lights, which I quite like. 


A full carbon Toyota Supra and Audi RS4 with GTR engine are always stunning to see.


The Big german super saloon cars remain the most popular among the tuners.


Heavy BMW M3's, Audi RS6 and plenty of BMW M2 on display.


I loved the fade from black to carbon on the Alpha N performance side vents, great touch.


Kinda weird but I really like the Cayenne with the sidepods as exhaust, cool.


Which one is your favorite?

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