Classic GP 2023: Why you should go in 2024 - Racing pictures

TrackandTuner.com loves classic cars and therefore we always visit the Classic GP at the Nurburgring.


In 2023 we where walking in the paddock to check out all the lovely cars.  



In this part we take a look at the real racing on the Nurburgring.


Many many classes are racing on the Nurburgring, from the old 40-50's cars to the Tourenwagen cars down below.


I love tourenwagens from this era, my favorite design and sounds. 

But there is plenty of more actions.


What do you think about these ultra rare Ford GT or AMG Gullwing with some massive flames??


Then we have the retro V8, V10 F1 cars all racing around.


But Like I said I just love the tourenwagen cars.


Big battles between the Mercedes Evo 16V, the Audi and Ford Turbo cars racing against the mighty four cylinder BMW M3 e30.


So whats your favorite?

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