Supercar Madness 2023: Gercollector SVJ and Zachs Garage Koenigsegg

Trackandtuner.com visited Supercar Madness at Circuit Assen.


This is the end of the season, and possibly the last event of the season for us. However we have plenty of more reports to come.  


Like we have seen in Zolder and earlier 402Automotive events, many great supercars always arrive. 


This year we had Gercollector Aventador SVJ and zachs garage Koenigsegg Regera on show. 

 Time for the Supercar line up.


Plenty of cool cars lined up for another great Supercar Display. While the 4 million Koenigsegg Regera looked gorgeous, my favorite by far was the Ferrari F12 N-Largo from Novitec. It has the sound and the looks, being mega aggressive. 


Check out the video of the Capristo Lamborghini SVJ from Gercollector. The sound is just awesome. Good to see a Youtuber actually using this car and launching it.


Which one is your favorite? 

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