WeDRIVE: TheCrown Mad BMW M2 Photoshoot

TrackandTuner.com finally went back to the Nordschleife, after a long wait it was time to get back to some Ring Magic.


During the COVID-19 crisis we decided to stay at home for as long as possible and needed. Since racing was no option, it was time to rebuild our Nordschleife car as you could have seen. 


However, since we are allowed to visit the Nordschleife again and since we can refrain from big crowds on the Nordschleife, it was finally time to visit our favorite place! 

How and what the condition are at the moment you will read in a follow up article.


In this part we went to Adenau to visit our Partner, the CrownRingRentals.  They offer appartments, great british food, a very nice Pub, rental cars and storage. This year our car would be stored at their new facility, so time to check out their new spot. 


We went to Adenau where they have a nice storage car park with their rental cars and car maintenance option as by Areeve Performance. 


When we arrived they just welcomed their latest rental car, a very well trackday build BMW M2 with a very daring license plate.

After a warm welcome, what better then to introduce the BMW M2 with some great other cars for a fast photoshoot in the beautiful eiffel surroundings.


So we collected a highly tuned BMW M3 F80, the BMW M2, a BMW M2 competition by Areeve Performance and another rental car being a very fast Mini. 


TheCrownRingRentals will offer this trackday build BMW M2 for rent. It is a RHD car, with a cage, recaro seats, APracing brakes, Full suspension set up and some great aero parts. 

Actually the modification look very simular to the BMW M3 F80 with the carbon fiber bonnet, wing and cage. 


With great cars like this BMW M2, we will soon be back to the Crown for some great cars, food and beers.


Cheers mates!

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