Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: Engine in, Big Update

TrackandTuner.com started back in December to rebuild our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool.


However, due to the current health crisis, we decided to take it another step up. A full rebuild, engine, new parts, RHD to LHD driving and a full overhaul to make it our best BMW M3 e46 version for the Nordschleife.


For whom, who have not followed the previous updates below a small recap:

- We decided to convert it from RHD to LHD

- With the Engine out we rebuild the engine, with better parts and upgrades 

- Clearing the wiring harness from any unnecessary options, like heated and electric seats etc. 


- New parts from our Partners:

  1. MOV'IT Brakes
  2. CSF Cooling
  3. New GTR Fenders from Nasy performance
  4. New rubbers and bushings
  5. KW Competition 2-Way Suspension
  6. Etc. Etc.

All details can be view in the above articles.

Along the way we have collected even more parts, like the Burkhart Engineering Carbon fiber parts.


These parts don't only look great but will also keep our brand new MOV'IT Brakes even cooler.


Even more cooling was added with the brand new CSF oil and Radiator, which now have been fitted and look great. 

As you can see the car has also gotten some GTR wide fenders and with all the bumpers back on again, it is starting to look like a real BMW M3 again. 


All the parts have now been fitted into the correct position and we will now attach the wiring harness back to it. So while the car is starting to look like a real car again, lots of small things still need to happen to get the first start-up of the 2020.


Stay tuned!

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