Are you ready for the 47th AvD Oldtimer GP?

TrackandTuner.com loves cars, new or old, everything that makes great sounds, makes us ready to get on track and capture it all. One of our highlights is the AvD Oldtimer GP on the Nordschleife. This event brings the best Oldtimer cars, back to the track, racing in all their glory.



The AvD Oldtimer GP has been a  regular visit over the years for www.trackandtuner.com as you can see some of our previous reports here and here. 

We love this event because it brings so much diversity. We have the Golden Era of DTM, with cars like the BMW M3 e30 DTM , Mercedes Evo DTM, Alfa Romeo DTM and more natural aspirated cars. But we also have some high powered turbo monsters, like the Porsche K3 Kremer, or the insanely fast Ford Capri Zakspeed fighting against the fire spitting BMW M1 Procars.


So we have the best of the golden era, the fastest Oldtimer cars, and we even have the newest Ferrari Challenge cars, going head to head in the Ferrari Deutschland Challenge Cup.



Last year we even had an official race of the Porsche GT3 Cup, which is always a spectacle.

Like last year, this year will see the return of the Le Mans cars, like the Aston Martin DBR9 or a Saleen S7.



So are you read for the 47th AvD Oldtimer GP? We are and we cannot wait to see all these great cars back in action!

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