Ferrari Racing Days Nurburgring 2019 – What is Corse Clienti?

TrackandTuner.com visited the Ferrari Racing Days 2019 at the Nurburgring. We have been great fans of Ferrari and especially the special program of Ferrari, called ‘Corse Clienti’.

You might have seen some of previous reports at Spa Francorchamps or Mugello.


We have been lucky enough to have seen and experience these cars up close for multiple times now, but they always are amazing.


So what is ‘Corse Clienti’? 

Corse Clienti is a special program of Ferrari, only for their most loyal customers. These customers all have a long history of Ferrari cars, including most of the limited versions, being a Ferrari LaFerrari, F12 TDF, Speciale or 488 Pista. Most of them also have some racing history with Ferrari, privately racing one of their cars, or joining in the Ferrari Challenge cup.


If you have this long and loyal history with Ferrari, you will have the opportunity to join the very exclusive Ferrari Corse Clienti program. A private program focused on bringing the best and most luxurious racing experience around the World.


You might have the possibility to buy a Ferrari FXX (no longer in production), 599XX Evo, Ferrari FXXK (Evo) or even a real F1 car to join the program.

You buy the car and leave everything else to Ferrari. They bring the cars to the selected tracks around the world. Various track activities are available for the XX Programmes’ special customers, ranging from briefings with professional drivers, to a reconnaissance of the track, to debriefing and tutors help drivers learn about the car in detail and are the ultimate guide for anyone who needs to become familiar with a Ferrari track car. One-to-one sessions are also available, with the tutor always available for the customer with a full team to maintain the car and give you feedback. You have your own mechanics and telemetry analysts

You go racing in style during the day, and in the evening you go to exclusive galas at some unique locations. Everything is of the highest quality with Ferrari Chefs ready for your luxury meal. They even take care of your girlfriend, or wife by organizing activities for them.


The cars are the stars of the show, they all come with a Ferrari V12, making the most incredible sounds. The FXX, 599XX and FXXK are not hardcore racer in the style of a GT3 or GT2 car. They are more focused on the driver, more power, but also easier to drive. Knowingly that the buyers/customers are not hardcore racing drivers, the cars are focused on the experience. Yes, they are extremely capable and extremely fast, but not that intimidating to drive. They also allow you to take passengers with you, with the additional seat. They provide you with a passenger ticket and then you can get your Ferrari suit and helmet, ready for an EPIC ride.


If you want something more extreme and live your dream, you can buy an old Schumacher or Raikkonen F1 Car and drive all the great tracks around the world. The cars are slightly detuned, with lower RPM’s for lower maintenance costs, but otherwise they are exactly the same as the hero’s driving them back in the days. You can imagine it takes a lot of time, and training to really go fast in a F1 car, but Ferrari makes it all possible.


Ferrari Corse Clienti was the first program fully focused on bringing the best experience for their most loyal customers. Many other manufactures now have followed, but the experience given by Ferrari is unmatched. 

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