GranTurismoEvents 2019: King of the Ring – Who is the King?

TrackandTuner.com visited GranTurismoEvents 2019: King of the Ring. In our first part, you can see that this edition was in wet weather, but this didn’t hold back the drivers. Some on semi slicks, other on full rain tires were chasing the fastest time of the day, being crowned “King of the Ring”.



GranTurismoEvents had set in place three categories varying on the horsepower of the car. While in the dry this certainly matters, it was great to see that in the wet, the fastest cars where not the ones with the most horsepower.

Yes, there were some monster cars attending like the Zyrus Engineering 1200HP Lamborghini Huracan. This was a great project from Norway. The Zyrus team looks and acts like a real racing team, running full wet tires, these guys where the fastest on the wet Nordschleife. However, they were not officially attending the time attack.


Other cars like the Porsche GT3 RS, GT2 RS and BMW M2 and M3’s were trying to find grip and running the wet line on the Nordschleife.


We saw an incredible build BMW M2 competition which was modified to perfection. BBS wheels, full carbon fiber bonnet, roof and side fenders, a really good and fast car, testing by Kevin Estre.



Even with these tricky conditions, we had no reported accidents during the day, which shows that experience on the Nordschleife is key.

So who had the fastest time? In the sport division, the white with M-stripes BMW M2 took the victory home. He was running wet tires but was driving the entire day, really consistent lap times and great handling.

In the Supercar category the winner was a Porsche GT2 RS with the Manthey Set up. The Manthey Set up seems to be the way to go, and we wonder how many GT2 RS versions we will see next year.


Again a great event of GranTurismoEvents and we cannot wait till next year! See you guys then.


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