AvD Oldtimer GP 2019 Weekend - Classic cars and Supercars

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2019 AvD Oldtimer GP. 


One of our favorite weekends of the season. As you can see here we are regulars at the Oldtimer GP.


We love seeing the classic cars and hearing and feeling the old-skool sounds. However during this weekend, we also see the best Supercars and even Hypercars taking their cars on the Nordschleife. 


During Touristfahren, there are always great cars around, but during this weekend it is even better.

As you can see we took our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool on track for some nice laps during the weekdays. During these laps we saw the brand new Mercedes AMG GT-R pro already delivered to a American client. 


The changes are subtle but the front fenders and bigger splitter in the front look great. 


As always there was no shortage of great Porsche GT3 and GT2 cars. I especially liked the license plate on the Porsche from Norway.

Another rare Nordschleife Ringtool was the Aston Martin V12 vantage. Great respect for taking this on the Nordschleife.


To see even more great Porsches, we drove by Porsche Manthey. They had a great line up including a frog green Porsche GT2 RS, a mint green GT3 and the ultimate combo a Porsche GT2 RS vs a 918 Spyder.


While the Porsche 918 Spyder is aging, I think it still looks like a proper hypercar. Funny thing is that the Porsche GT2RS on the right, is at least half the price and even faster on the Nordschleife. Don't you love technology.


Stay tuned for more great Touristfahren reports.

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