Essen Motorshow 2019: Wheels, Motorsport and Supercars

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2019.  Our traditional yearly visit to the Essen Motorshow to see the best classic cars, supercars, hypercars and tuning cars.


We have already made 4 articles so be sure to check them out down below:

  1. Classic cars and Hypercars
  2. Tuning cars: Hot or Not?
  3. The best tuner cars 
  4. 7x Tuned Toyota Supra

This is the final article of our yearly visit. However we saved a lot more great cars for you in the gallery. One of them was a very classy BMW X5 by Hamann. Not too much, but still very good looking. 

Another highlight was the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in my favorite color and with a new exhaust. 

Funny to see was the Suzuki Jimmy in the same spec and front the Mercedes G Wagon. Making this a real mini-G. 


The new Supra vs the old one, still thinking that the old one is better looking. 


Polizei running a Audi RS6 tuned by ABT, but are you sure these canards are TUV chef?

Great manufactures like KW supsension showing a true full naked carbon fiber 935 and a Lamborghini Huracan, both on KW suspsension. 


Another highlight was the Mustang by Ken Block. I have seen the video's but the looks of the car with the turbo peeking out are awesome. 

Don't really know if I like the new BMW M135i. It looks like a mini SUV, looks too high on its wheels for my taste with these massive grills.


The last two area's are each other counterparts. The one area is focussed on motorsport, great fast cars and high end tuning.  The other one are slammed cars.

You know I don't like this look, but I have to say that these owners have put a lot of money and effort into their cars. So not to disrespect anyone, but this is just not for me.


Hope you liked our full coverage of the Essen Motorshow. 


Stay tuned for more great stories and track reports.

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