Trackdays.de: Fun in the Sun - Action shots part 2

TrackandTuner.com visited a Trackdays.de Nurburgring Nordschleife event.


We had a great time, but after the first action shots, I returned back to the Nordschleife Entrance for a quick refreshment and seeing how the Megane RS was doing. We rented the Megane RS from the Crown, its first outing with the red Protrack wheels. It was doing great and the feeling was getting better and better. 


Another highlight was putting our BMW M3 F80 next to the Team Schirmer M3 F80. Yes the Schirmer car is a fully race prepped Nordschleife Weapon, capable of a 7:15 BTG. But seeing our Show/trackday car next to it was great fun. 


After I was ready again to go and see more action at Brunchen which is now finally open again for the public.

Brunchen for me isn't the best place to take photo's. I just don't like the sunshine directly in the camera, but I think I managed to take a couple of decent shots. 


After that I went to look for cooler spots out of the sun. So I walked all the way upwards and went to my favorite photograph spot. 


When I just arrived the Megane RS flew by with my brother Smiling from ear to ear, I think the pictures says enough :).


Car after car flew by and before I knew it the trackday was over.


A great trackday, with great cars, great weather and great friends. Oh and I have said it before NO CRASHES, NO ACCIDENTS, NO CLOSURES. 


A big thumbs up for the organizers and the participants for sticking to the rules, staying safe on Track and off track.


As you can see Social Distancing can be a lot of fun! You can book your next trackday at Trackdays.de


PS: We have a lot more pictures of cars, but can't share them all. So if you want a picture of your car on the Nordschleife in full HD please let us know.

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