Getting "Enzo" between the Classic cars - EVN Ring Rental - Oldtimer GP Trackday

TrackandTuner.com participated during the OldtimerGP on the Nordschleife. With our M3 ringtool not finished yet, we went to our good friends at EVN Ring Rentals and hired "Enzo" for a great day on track.


Enzo is a Nordschleife tuned Seat Leon Cupra. It has a stripped interior, very narrow bucket Recaro seats, Porsche/Brembo brakes and a new tune getting it up to 280HP. 

The car is very light and this makes for a great package. 


We have hired the car many times for Touristfahren, but now it was time to do a full trackday with the Oldtimer GP on the Nordschleife.

The Oldtimer GP brings out the best classic and modern cars.


So you would think this little car would be out of place in a field of bright looking supercars. However, as said many times, the Nordschleife is not only about the car you drive, but especially about the experience it gives you.


The Seat Leon Cupra from EVN Ring Rentals is a great example of how much fun a fast FWD car can be on the Nordschleife. We had many great laps behind much faster cars, overtaking Porsches and the many classic cars. 


As you can see it was smiles from the first corner to the last corner on the Nordschleife. Oh don't worry the hands out, waiving where during a full code red lap. 

The fun starts as soon as you get in and hit the first corner. A bit of lift of oversteer, powering the car out of the corners, feels fast, feels safe and feels fun!


We want to thank EVN Ring Rentals and the Oldtimer GP for the great experience.

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