Project Cars: Overhaulin the BMW X5 F10, carbon ceramic brakes and more

TrackandTuner.com loves a good project, specifically if its a BMW.


We have a lot of experience in tuning BMW M cars. As you know we are rebuilding our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool, we have S54 BMW E30 and have fitted massive ceramic brakes on a BMW M3 e46 convertible in the past before.


However, tuning or modifying a BMW X5 F15 may not be the most common car. However our Trailer King deserved some nice parts and upgrades. 

First up, it was time to modify the outside, with simple things, like the black grills and black accents.


After that it was time to see what the engine HP was at BR Performance.  With upgraded performance close to 400HP, it was time for some big big wheels. We fitted 22 Inch Hamann wheels on this beast and a BMW M performance exhaust, finished and powdercoated in black. 

With more power and more sound, we soon realized we need to upgrade the suspension and the brakes.


The brakes on most BMW M cars are pretty rubisch. However since the new BMW M3/M4 F80/82 they now offer some very nice ceramic brakes from factory. 

We managed to buy a new set of brakes from a Nordschleife friend switching to steel brakes. 


The challenge was to make them fit on the BMW X5 F15 with custom brakes (also powdercoated black). After that we we updated the interior with M performance carbon fiber trim and lowered the car significantly.


Making this a real Trailer KING. 


Do you like it? What more can we do know?


Next up, ceramic brakes in the back, which are harder due to the automatic hand brake. 

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    Rainier - CP (Tuesday, 21 November 2023 12:30)


    Ik zie dat jullie keramische remmen hebben gemonteerd op een bmw x5 f15.
    Heb je dit ook beschikbaar voor een bmw x5m f85 ?

    gr. rainier - Chip Performance. 0630368493 / sales@chipperformance.nl