Essen Motorshow 2021: Final Look - Motorsport/BBS

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2021. We loved that Essen was finally back. Yes, smaller but still with lots of great cars. Check out the motorsport cars, the insane Golf GTI from JP-Performance and the lovely classic BBS wheels in this final part.


First part: Supercars and classic cars


Second Part: Slow and low?


Third Part: Best Tuner cars


In this part we just walked through the two last expo's and picked out a couple of gorgeous cars. Like for instance the purple BMW 340i touring looked great in my eyes.


As already show the Golf GTI from JP-Performance looked absolutely wild. I am wondering what they will do with the engine?

As always BBS was present and man I still love those BBS FI-R wheels. 


Another classic was the BMW M3 e30. As you can see above, the grey one was a fully original M3 e30, while the white one was a S55 DCT swapped BMW M3 e30. I don't think that engine belongs in that car, but the looks where great fitted with the classic Recaro Pole Positions. 


One of the silent hero's this year was the black and white Lexus LFA. For me the car and the wrap looked great. 


As you can see BMW is still one of the leading cars within motorsports, with the BMW M6 GT3, the BMW Z4 GT3 as one of their most succesfull racing cars.


If you could only pick one to take out of the expo, which one would it be?

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