Project Cars: BMW e30 M50 Turbo - let the magic begin

TrackandTuner.com bought another Wishlist car. I always wanted to have a BMW e30 as a fun project, preferably with a M50 engine.


Why? Because the M50 engine is rock solid, ideal for turbo charging and gives a lot of options.


So that's why we Bought this BMW e30 with a M50 turbo from Latvia.  


The car is now on NL plates fully legal and registered.  Car has a full and mint original interior and the exterior is solid, so the ideal base to get our project going.

TrackandTuner.com shop is filled with only quality products.


That is why we brought our car to TimsTurboCentrum. He is THE man for all things Turbo related. So after a long trip we finally arrived and discussed project plans, so stay tuned.


Tim does a lot of very custom projects. There was a BMW e36 with a mint 1JZ engine, his own BMW e30 with a 1000HP S14 turbo engine hiding (purple e30) to get back on the road. 


Lots of parts, turbos and gorgeous CNC machined custom parts for all these builds. Because every build requires some custom work, making it fit, making room, making brackets and many many more. 


Tim is also building a mega e30 315iX S54 turbo. The engine looked gorgeous, just look at all the shiny parts. Maybe its little brother to the BMW e36 S54 Turbo ;) 


Be sure to stay tuned and check out TimsTurboCentrum on Facebook.


If you guys have any ideas how our BMW e30 turbo should look like, livery, bodykit etc. contact us and win great prizes!

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