WeDrive: BMW M3 e36 S54 Turbo vs BMW M3 F80 - Supercar Madness NL

Trackandtuner.com visited SuperCar Madness NL at Assen circuit.


A great event with many unbelievable Supercars and Hypercars as you could have seen here. 


It gives us the opportunity to bring out BMW M cars on track between all these great Supercars and Hypercars.


This year for the first time, we brought out the BMW M3 e36 S53 950HP Turbo monster, together with the 562HP BMW M3 F80. 


We had a great day putting these two cars on track. 

On the road the BMW M3 e36 S54 Turbo is terrifying quick. When the boost comes in, the wheels will spin even in 4th gear. 


Now putting this on track for the first time, it was more or less a test to see how the car handles and if everything runs well.


We brought 2 cans of E85 fuel and loaded the beast up for the first laps out. IT WAS GREAT


I had a blast in the car and for the very first time, was not scared of the car :) 


On low boost, the car handles very good, but you have to keep in mind this car has no ABS. 


After the first session, I jumped in the BMW M3 F80 to ride behind the M3 e36 Turbo. The BMW M3 F80 is super simple to drive compared to the manual M3 e36. It has the better suspension and tire (Semi-slick) set-up and therefore we could easily go faster, but I wanted to see how the M3 e36 Turbo did from behind. 


After the Parade / Hypercar display we did some full power pulls on High boost and setting some nice tire marks on the main straight (oeps, sorry marschall --> See Video).


We made a VLOG style video of the full day with lots of Hypercars and some onboard in the M3 e36 Turbo. 


Hope to do many more track sessions with these cars!


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