Project Cars: BMW e30 M50 Turbo - BIG UPGRADES

Trackandtuner.com bought a BMW e30 M50 turbo all the way from Latvia. 


It is always a gamble when you buy something unseen, this far away. The buyer told me that the car had a Chinese turbo, wastegate and upgraded ARP studs etc. and almost 400HP.


Dual fuel injectors and a VEMS ECU.


I looked like the perfect basis to get this car to another level.


So we brought the car to Tims Turbo Centrum for some BIG BIG Upgrades and a full teardown. 


So where we right? Was is a scam? 

Tim took the car fully apart and I am glad to report that everything the seller told me is on the car.


Yes we knew that the Chinese parts where needed to improve or change, as they where full of oil. However this was no problem because we are upgrading the engine with some quality parts like the brand new BIG precision Turbo.


Engine was out and ready to get a full revision and made ready for the rebuild. 


We also wanted to clear all the wiring and have the fully original interior neat and tidy. We did this with the Can-checked display which will show us all the data and switchable maps. 


Gearbox, diff and fuel pumps where are good to go. 


Just look at the massive new radiator/oil cooler combination. I am very excited to hear and see this car running.


We also changed to the wastegate to have a side exit, how cool is that!


Already have some idea's for the livery and body, but we will keep that a secret for know.


Hope Tim will report back soon for some good news :) 

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    Tim's turbo centrum (Thursday, 30 June 2022 21:05)

    Nice to see my work here! It's engine building time now!