Classic GP 2022: Paddock Tour - BMW M3, 2002, Porsche Kremer and More

TrackandTuner.com visited the Classic GP 2022 on the Nurburgring.


We love classic cars, as you know, and this event was no exception. 


As you could have seen, the highlight were the mega line up of F1 classics. We added a video down below of the Benetton driven by Michael Schumacher back in the days.


In this article we walked through the paddock to check out all the great classic cars. 


As you can see everything, from big to small was out and about.


One of the gems was the Singer Porsche 911. Just look at those accents! However a very expensive car.


The club area was full of great Ford Capri cars, Porsches and Ferrari's. 

 I especially like the amazing combo of the Ford Capri RS with the vans, so cool looking.


However the brown Ferrari Portofino was a bold choice!


In the paddock you just casually see a Porsche Kremer 935 driving by with a hot hot exhaust. 


I am getting more and more charmed of these small racing cars. I think lightweight is something that is really not coming back. These NSU, BMW 2002ti/1802, Fiat Abarth etc. all weight below 1000kg (most even around 900KG) and then with around 170HP you can have some much fun. 


You can see the big V8 Camaro cars, but they where head to head in the same race class like the BMW 2002ti, Ford Capri RS etc. It not all about power. 


Just a lovely array of cars. 


Which one is your favorite? 

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